Showcase, Torun, 25. – 30. 8. 2015

Exhibition of the ALIPI outputs at Bella Skyway festival. Over 310.000 visitors / audience ment a record for the festival this year. The first showcase at Bella Skyway Festival was the participatory platform “Yours for you” by artist Michał Kardas (PL), location:... read more

Residency, Torun, 27. 7. – 24. 8. 2015

Residency was attended by two young Toruń artists: Katarzyna Skrobałą and Piotr Florianowicz, who also invited children to participate. 60 elements constituting the installation were made by children and teenagers from the Gallery and Artistic Centre of Chidren’s... read more

Progress and planning meeting, Prague, 2. 7. 2015

This one day meeting served as a platform to check project progress, evaluate workshops results, and especially to re-visit concrete tasks related to the phase of the project when residencies and showcases will take place. The Progress and planning meeting took place... read more

Workshops with Gustavo Avila, Eindhoven, 23. – 24. 6. 2015

Public Workshop: “Domes and Cathedrals of Light” Expert Workshop: “ALIPI Elements: Dimension” Eindhoven, 23.-24.6.2015 The workshops took place in attractive spaces of the The Philips Natuurkundig Laboratorium (Philips Physics Laboratory) or NatLab – the Dutch... read more